Second Visit - Report of Findings

Putting It All Together

During your first visit, we gathered a lot of information - from personal history questions and physical examination to x-ray or laboratory testing. Today, we will take the time to go over this information in more detail so that you have a complete picture of your situation. ROF

Review Of Current Progress

Even though it has only been a day or two since your first visit, you may or may not have noticed something different about your condition. We will discuss your reaction to your first treatment and let you know what we expect of your recovery. Also, you may have had some new questions come up since you were last here, please bring them with you and ask us!

Treatment Plan

Finally, we will present a treatment plan to you based on your goals and expectation of the care you receive from us going forward. We often divide the type of treatment we provide into phases of care based on how you are responding. To learn about the different phases and what to expect from your regular visits, click here.