Regular Visits

Now that we know each other better and have determined a treatment plan together, we can continue on the path to wellness during your regular office visits. These visits are generally less time consuming as we have most of the formalities and paperwork of the first and second visits out of the way.familyonfloor

Truly, the human body is an amazing machine. It can cope with significant levels of disease without showing any symptoms. For example, tooth decay does not turn into a toothache until the disease is rather advanced. Similarly, diabetes or cardiovascular disease do not create any symptoms until those diseases have been quietly building over years. For this reason, pain is often the last symptom to show up as well as the first to go away. And so we help you on your way to wellness by treating in phases.

Relief Care - Phase 1

In relief care we are working very hard to decrease your symptoms as quickly as we can. This way, we can return you to your normal activites as soon as possible.

Corrective Care - Phase 2

Now that you are starting to feel better, we will decrease how often you visit us while turning to stretches and exercises you can do to help your condition along.

Stabilization Care - Phase 3

Now you are probably feeling back to your normal self again and we are seeing you less often in our office as we come to the end of our treatment plan. By the end of this phase, you will have a complete home exercise and therapy plan in place to maintain the gains you have seen through your course of care.

Wellness Care

Everything feels good and is working great! Now lets keep it that way with monthly to seasonal visits that allow us to provide adjustments and monitor you much the same way a dentist does with regular teeth cleanings.

Regardless of which phase your are in, our doctors take the time to customize all aspects of your care. Treatment schedules and frequencies as well as your advancement through the treatment plan are based on your body's ability to advance. If you are progressing quickly, we will accelerate your treatment plan. If you need more time, we will take it so that you don't move on in the program until your body is ready to do so. Because if this, you will receive just the amount of care you need... no more, no less.